How to run a good race (4)

So, step 4 is to not grow weary and lose heart.

If we take the Word of God seriously and walk with our God even through the difficult moments, then our faith becomes deeper and more rooted in Christ. And the next time we won’t be willing to give up that easily anymore.

It is about our willpower, about our decisions, about standing firm. The only question is – what kind of a choice do we make?

I think it is important to think about these things because it is in human nature to concentrate rather on the bad things, on the things that are going wrong or are worrying us. And then it is easy to forget that God is always by our side, it is easy to forget all the blessings he has given us.

So the main point of this post is to encourage you not to look at your feelings, not to look at your everyday situations, the problems you might have, but instead to look on our God, look on what the Word of God promises us, look on Jesus Christ.

Nele Otto

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